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My name is Alison Dickens and I first became interested in collating the Dickens / Dickins / Dykins and derivatives in 1995. My own branch of this surname comes from the Manchester / Cumbria area, and associated surnames by marriage in my own family are McGregor and Forster. This is a collation of some of the One Name data I have collected over the years organised by UK counties, and otherwise by country. I have privatized living people and for Data Protection the trees do not contain notes. Please note that I work full time so my engagement with the ONS is sporadic at the moment.

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Latest News
4th December 2017 My databases are organised by UK county or country, therefore the easiest way to search the collection is to click on 'Places' towards the bottom of the menu bar. US states are identified by initials e.g. MA, NY. As of today's date, alphabetically, I have only reached Essex, so bear with. This is a large collection, and although I have made some progress in matching up individual lines, without further evidence I cannot definitively claim to what extent each line is linked. Including my own! Therefore, my focus has been to record geographical data on family lines. There are long lineages presented in some websites, which are inaccurate and misleading and that has resulted in some mixing of data, which I have tried to avoid. However, please feel free to use this information as a jumping off point.

If you believe that you have a direct link to a family, please do contact me. In some family groups I have data from relatives, but have not made this available publicly.